I am a expert drone pilot located in Arizona who services Colorado, Texas, Mexico, California, the Pacific Northwest and more.

LANZAC Imaging Solutions provides drone based photography, backcountry cinematography, and photogrammetry in Arizona and across the Western US for film, advertising, government, mining, construction, real estate, and much more.

I am a drone pilot licensed by the FAA for commercial work, and I employ a variety of different equipment tailored to the customer's requirements.  Do you require aerial cinematography performed with The's best Southwestern views and Pacific Coast States scenery?  I've got you covered.  Or maybe your mission requires careful inspection of mining, communications, petroleum, harbors, or other infrastructure - no problem, I'm here for you.  Are you looking to enhance your perspective with a bird's eye view?  I can do that too. 
From from my office in the Sitgreaves National Forest I serve local customers and others across the grand state of Arizona and to others beyond.

We'll help get your project off the ground.​

LANZAC Imaging Solutions was born out of a passion for flight, photography, and for experiencing amazing places.  Founded in 2017, operating in the remote backcountry of the Northeastern Arizona Mountains.

LANZAC Imaging Solutions

  • Tourism Promotion

                Golf Courses

  • Construction

                 Progress monitoring
                 Insurance claims

  • Mining

                 Blast profiling

  • Energy Generation

                  Plant/machinery/wind generator inspections

  • Infrastructure

                  Bridge, rail, pipeline inspections

  • Media

              News coverage

              Special reports/features

  • Insurance

              Damage claims, residential/commercial
              Roof inspections

  • Film and television projects


  • Corporate Events

  • Real Estate


  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Promotional videos/photos


I'm a passionate pilot, focused on delivering my best while maintaining the competitive advantage over my competition. I've used the deliberate practice model to perfect my flight capabilities, allowing me to fly while creating seamless cinematic narratives.  


Industries I've Flown:

Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate
Roofing Insurance Inspections
Community and Regional Planning 

Architectural Mapping with Orthographic projections

3D imaging

Agriculture and Insurance Inspections 
Project Progress/Status Photos
Pre-pour slab photos
Quality Control
Jobsite distance, area, volume measurements
Aggregate load validation
Orthographic Projection Mapping 


​Construction and Real Estate Imaging
Real Estate Insurance Inspections 

Industrial Roofing Insurance Inspections
Autonomous Drone Flight